Miles Cabeceiras - Pontchartrain Wrecks

Born in New Orleans, raised across America... That's one way to describe Pontchartrain Wrecks founder and leader, Miles Cabeceiras. Having lived a traveling life as a child, it seems the influence of South Louisiana is the one thing that has remained a constant. Spending time in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh (and a few years in Northern Mississippi), all before settling back down in New Orleans, it's easy to see how musical genres ranging from country, blues, and rock 'n' roll are often on display at live performances. With a band of seasoned musicians that lend credence to his musical vision, Pontchartrain Wrecks has captured the attention of audiences in and around New Orleans.

Strong family ties to South Central Louisiana (specifically New Iberia) are evident throughout much of the Pontchartrain Wrecks debut album, self-released in January 2014. Whether it's longing for home and "the Acadiana way" in the closing ballad Fleur de Lis, or simply the thrill of the chase in Slow Train, "heading out for the St. Mary Parish line/do I need a reason why?" Traces of life among the bayou towns of highway 90 aren't hard to find. But New Orleans is an international town, and the beauty of the Wrecks is that the listener can choose to fill the canvas in their head however they'd like. Songs like It Ain't So Bad or Blake's Song are an affirmation of an age old musical truth; it doesn't matter why music moves you... so long as it moves you.

After a few years of playing the New Orleans club circuit, Pontchartrain Wrecks stepped into the festival scene with performances at Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo and the Houma Best of the Bayou Festival in 2015. With a followup to their 2014 debut LP currently in the works, Pontchartrain Wrecks are sure to solidify their place amongst the sonically rich landscape of the Southeast Louisiana music scene.

Pontchartrain Wrecks Self-Titled LP

Slow Train

Anyway, Anyhow

The Fool In Me

It Ain't So Bad

Old Man River

Feelin' Lucky

Blake's Song

Girl Gone Blue

Even a Cowboy Sings the Blues

Fleur de Lis

Recorded and mixed at Blue Velvet Studios, New Orleans, LA. Produced by Tom Stern, Gary Parky and Miles Cabaceiras; mastered by Bruce Barielle.